Where is mining permitted in Canada ?

Where in CANADA can A Person Mine Your Own Minerals and Gems?
I know that one can “mine” for your own amethyst at the Amethyst mine in Thunder Bay, Ont. I’m looking for mines especially in WESTERN CANADA where a person can mine their own minerals and gems.
My daughter would like her engagement ring to be something they mined together – doesn’t really matter what type of gem it is. They’ve almost considered a beach pebble even. They want to be able to incorporate it into a ring they’ve designed together. The actual stone, mineral, gem need only be approx. 1 carat but needs to be hard enough for everyday wear.
Any suggestions? They’re from Alberta.

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  1. b j says:

    I’ve been to many mines over the years so I spent some time looking for you. There is zero in Alberta except coal and coal just won’t look nice in a ring. 🙂

    There are 6 underground mines in Manitoba and I can only find 1 in BC. The others in BC are open pit, however don’t rule out Open Pits. They have rock!
    I was a collector of minerals only because I thought they look pretty. I found all my rocks, including rocks with gold, at the mines. I went down in the mines but that’s not where I found my treasures. I found them climbing through the rock piles that all mines have. There is always a pile of rocks here and a pile there, so I would wonder over and start looking. Gold, amethysts, all sorts of different quarts mica, your feldspars etc.
    Personally contact a mine and see what they can do for you. For marrige they may take the two down and let them do some mining – you never know. Here is a list of mines in Manitoba and BC.


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