I am a teenage and wants to come back to Canada

Can a 15 year old Canadian, living in another country, due to mothers early decisions but not in child best interests, leave with his father to move back to Canada without the need of his mothers permission? If Father files for divorce because of mothers past infidelity but father had forgiven her,though Mother refuses her son to live with the father, Is it possible for the child to decide with whom to live with and where?

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32 Responses to I am a teenage and wants to come back to Canada

  1. WRG says:

    A 15 year old in neither the US or Canada gets to decide where they live. If your father wants custody he is going to have to go to court to get it.

  2. Dustan says:

    Different state laws call for different regulations on that, but considering you are of consenting age for most states and your desire to live with your father I wouldn’t see why not. Of course, this is based on the fact that your mother cant prove your father unfit for any reason. The real problem is going to be how to get you over the border without the mothers consent, it requires both parents consent to get a passport or anything of that nature.

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