How can I rent a pirate ship in Canada?

I am planning to get marry in this summer. My partner’s dream is to have our marriage in a pirate ship and I wanto surprise him with this. As we are gay partners we need to have our wedding in Canada.

I have been trying my best to find a pirate ship renting place in Canada but all my efforts were futile. I hope there should be companies who do this business. It does not matter if it is the east cost or west coast.

I will admire all of your suggestions.

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3 Responses to How can I rent a pirate ship in Canada?

  1. Cudabear says:

    I’m not positive on this one but I would have to think if nothing else you could rent a boat and go out to the coast and have it decorated?? Only actual pirate ship that I know of is at TI in Las Vegas! Sorry!

  2. Artemis says:

    The West Edmonton Mall has a ship! I’m not sure what the policy is about renting or using it (or if you even can!), but you could always have the wedding near by and spend the Honeymoon in one of the Fantasyland Hotel’s gorgeous theme rooms, with photos shot in front of the ship.
    The mall is an experience in and of itself!

  3. Perse says:

    I’m not sure of a pirate ship, but some ideas…

    Take a regular ship and add pirate decorations.

    Call Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughan, Ontario) and see if you can have your wedding on the pirate ship ride (that would be so awesome!)

    The MS Chi-cheemaun is a famous ferry with a long history which runs as a passenger vehicle from May-October and sits in the harbour the rest of the year (Owen Sound, Ontario). During its off-season it is open to tours and opens as a restaurant for special occasions.

    Oh wait! Here’s a pirate ship in Ottawa, Ontario! Could call and see if they’ll do a wedding aboard, I don’t see why not.

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