Is international volunteer work tax deductible in Canada?

I’m looking at volunteering next year in Cambodia or Tanzania and the organization I’m currently reading about claims that all volunteer expenses (including airfare, accommodations, etc) are 100% tax deductible. I’ve tried to find information online about Canada’s volunteer tax deductions but I haven’t been successful. Just wondering if anyone out there knows if/what any options for Canadians wanting to volunteer abroad are! Thanks.

Admin Notes: Each year many thousands of Canadians, specially students, volunteer in international destinations. Also there are major organizations like “doctors without borders” , Red cross who occupy Canadian volunteers on regular basis and in special disaster situations. I hope international volunteer expenses must be tax deductible in Canada.  I hope we will get few good answers to this question.We also have to differentiate between tax deductible and tax credits.

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33 Responses to Is international volunteer work tax deductible in Canada?

  1. Doctor Deth says:

    I have never heard of volunteer expenses being deductible in the US
    deductible from what? – if you are volunteering, you are making no money to be able to deduct anything from

  2. Barb G says:

    The only time expenses are tax deductible by an employee is when your employer completes the form T2200 that stipulates that they are employment expenses. However, if you are a volunteer and not being paid, there is no income to deduct the expenses from. Also, because it is for outside of Canada, it would have to be recognized by the Government of Canada, ie: UN worker.

    There is no such thing as a “volunteer work tax deductible”.

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