How much money should I have to visit South Korea?

I live in Canada and Planning to visit my boy friend in South Korea during the winter. I am still a student and money is a concern even though I badly want to go to South Korea to meet my boy friend. He lives in the capital of South Korea and when I am there I may not have major expenses.

I am going by myself and hope to travel by plain. I am a simple girl and would not mind taking flights with few transits or waiting time if really saves money. Anybody who is frequently traveling to South Korea from Canada or the United states, please help me.

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34 Responses to How much money should I have to visit South Korea?

  1. doh! says:

    It’ll cost somewhere between $1100 to $1500 USD for a round trip ticket. Try Korean Air or Asiana Air. Also, you might want to check out Korean travel agencies in Canada. They’ll have great deals that internet sites like Travelocity cannot beat.

    Food there is generally cheap, but some nice places can be expensive, so be aware of where you go. Traveling within S. Korea is convenient and inexpensive if you utilize the subway and buses. There are many shopping centers/flea markets where you may find great items at a great value.

    Hope that helps. Have fun!

  2. clandestinelover says:

    *the subways are about 900 won (90 cents) for the CHEAPEST tickets but once you decide to transfer once, the cost rises to 1200 won (1.20 dollars)
    *the taxis cost starts from 1900 won (1.90 dollars)
    *price of food in a local restraunt most likely wont cost over 10,000 won, (ten dollars)
    *anything else, especially clothes, unless its sold on the streets or in dongdaemun, is about 40,000 (40 dollars) to 80,000 (80 dollars)

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