How can I get a child for adoption?

I am happily married and we have a  year old son. Doctors have advised me not to have any more kids and we have been trying to adopts brother or sister for my son. The waiting lists are so long in Canada and son will be grown up by the time we have a child.

We have been thinking of the option of adopting a baby through a private agency or private adoption. I am not sure whether it is legally possible in Canada. Please help.

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61 Responses to How can I get a child for adoption?

  1. Rose M says:

    We’re in Canada and have adopted a daughter and are in the process of adopting another child. You might be surprised to know that if you do a private adoption in Canada you still need to go through the whole homestudy process. Also, it is illegal for anyone to arrange a private adoption for you unless they are licensed. Licensed agencies are required by law to go through the procedures that create those long lists that you mentioned. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to wait on the list, adopt internationally or from the ministry of children’s and families you’re out of legal options.

  2. Critty says:

    Depending on your province, they may be plenty of licensed agencies, check with you province. Also consider adopting a child out of the public system, the wait is less time because the majority wants infants, so you could adopt a preschooler from the public system in less time. You will also help get a child out of the “system” and into a permanent home.

  3. Kayla says:

    my mother adopted me (in Canada) it was a private adoption and my birth mothers mother just happened to be a client of our tax guy Private adoptions are very very hard to do now in Canada the adoption agency hates it and they slack BIG TIME
    one of our friends in Alberta has been waiting for her baby for 6 months now the agency are stuck up jerks personally go with them don’t step of there toes it will just cause too many problems.

    (if any of that you could understand) Good Luck

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