Why We do not have electric cars in Canada ?

Where ever we travel in the world we see electric cars on the roads. But in Canada to my knowledge electric cars are not allowed. Electric cars save lot of money spent on oils and any progressive government would promote the use of energy efficient electric cars. The only reason I can think is these ministers are getting big money from big oil companies. Not only money, electric cars are echo friendly due to less greenhouse gas emission. Why does the government of Canada Not allow electric cars on the roads when they allow smart cars?

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73 Responses to Why We do not have electric cars in Canada ?

  1. ascendo.tuum says:

    I agree with you … grrrrrrrr …

    The answer they give is that its not the fact that it is an electric vehicle but that it has to be able to maintain a certain speed limit to be driven on our roads …

    They are worried that the cities will be full of slower, more efficient vehicles and that no one is getting killed anymore and they can’t make money off the insurance guys …


  2. keyway51 says:

    I can understand why they would not want a electric that pokes along at 40kph. I would not want to be stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. And having a federal government who is in league with the oil industry, I doubt very much we will have a promotion of zero emissions vehicles that are highway capable. Its obvious the government isn’t really interested in doing the right approach to the inviroment. There are car companies such as Subaru, Mitzubishi, Hyundai, VW are working to bring battery electrics to market. The domestic manufacturers as usual are dragging thier feet.

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