Treatment for eye floaters in Canada?

I am a young diabetics and as a result I have eye floaters (Small particles in my eye, doctors say these are red blood cells due to damage to retinal vessels.) It is scary as it is an early complication of diabetes. I have been looking for a treatment as I also have at times disturbed by the presence of floaters. Specially under the bright sun. Also it always reminds me about the diabetes and possible eye problems I have to face in future. I underwent eye examination several times and did not have any big damage to my eyes. Now I am watching my diet and taking Metformin to control my sugar level.

Are there any clinics in Canada that offer laser treatment for eye floaters? Any help would be great. I don’t need information on eye floaters or the effects of laser treatment. I’ve had them for awhile and no all of that. A couple of friends i know went to Florida to get there floaters treated and were well pleased with the results. I have an appointment, but i was wondering if there were any places in Canada to cut the costs?

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69 Responses to Treatment for eye floaters in Canada?

  1. princeidoc says:

    unlikely that Canadian health care would pay for this. widely considered to be a “fringe” treatment by most eye docs, even (especially?) retinal specialists

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