How to find products manufactured in Canada ?

I always like to buy Canadian products. I live in Ontario and buy foods produced in Ontario or Canada. I believe it our duty to buy Canadian products and save money for the country. I developed this habit after a piece of advice from one of my mentor in my profession. He has never driven a Car manufactured in somewhere else. But it is hard to find some of the utilities which are produced in Canada. Specially, I’ve been looking for clothing, food, appliance, electronic stores that manufacture all of their products in Canada. I have not been very successful and any information would be great!
Thank you!

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65 Responses to How to find products manufactured in Canada ?

  1. capitalgentleman says:

    The biggest items are cars. All three US companies (Ford, GM, Chrysler) have car plants in Canada. These plants either make whole cars, or produce parts. Other companies have plants in Canada as well, like Toyota, Suzuki, and Honda.

    There are furniture makers (Sauder), and I recently bought Arctic ready windows from a company called Northerm. Bombardier makes Ski-Doos, airplanes, and trains. There are some high-end speakers (for stereos) made in Canada, but I forget the companies. Can’t afford them anyway! Canada produces the highest quality gold coins – .9999 pure. The Canadian Banknote Company makes money for many countries around the world, not just Canadian money.

    I could go on for hours. There is a lot made here – and the US is our number 1 buyer!

  2. scoutma53 says:

    Also Canada has huge amounts of raw product: oil, timber, uranium,potash(fertiliser) and let’s not forget wheat, canola etc from the prairies.

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