How Can I remove Facebook Sidebar ?

Oh I am fed up with this facebook new feature. Facebook side bar is making me crazy as I can not scroll pages when it is on. I tried my best to remove this stupid thing. i do not want it , no no no. Is there any way that I can disable or remove Facebook sidebar?

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3 Responses to How Can I remove Facebook Sidebar ?

  1. Samson says:

    Hi brenda, I am having the same issue and looking for a method to permanently disable it.

    You can hide your Facebook side bar by clicking the “Hide Side bar” option which appear when you click on the “small wheel” which is in the lower right hand corner of the side bar box.

    I heard Facebook has only introduced this to few users and this is in beta stage. Probably they might resolve the bugs soon.

  2. This sidebar is part of Facebook new feature “Facebook video calling ” . Facebook has partnered with Skype to develop Facebook video call service. As they say “now you can watch your friends smile, wink and LOL”

  3. shashanksaxena92 says:

    If you hate the new facebook messages just zoom into the page a little bit by pressing the “ctrl” and “+” keys, the side bar is automatically replaced by the original chat; it is a temporary solution until facebook fixes it!!

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