How can I become a Tax practioner in Canada ?

What is the qualification required to do Tax practice in Canada? Is Commerce Graduate can qualified for this?
means who can do practice in Canada ? if he is only Commerce graduate, can he qualified for tax practice? or is there any qualification to do Tax practice in Canada? if so then what is the Courses to become Tax practitioner in Canada?

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61 Responses to How can I become a Tax practioner in Canada ?

  1. CHARLES R says:

    There is no requirement to be a tax practicioner. Obviously knowing the ITA (Income Tax Act) to a degree would be good.

    My wife has a co-worker who runs a tax practice, only at tax time. The rest of the year he’s a collections officer for a bank.

    Courses for tax come in different shapes and sizes. All of the accounting societies CMA / CA / CGA offer courses. universities teach the ITA in courses as well. A couple of the accounting firms author books on how to do taxes. The other common one is H&R block does a tax course. The CRA also does a tax course, but you have to be willing to volunteer time to help seniors and economically challenged people with their tax returns.

  2. Kenneth Keung says:

    You may want to look into the Masters of Taxation program offered by University of Waterloo.

    Classes are held in Toronto downtown. If you go the full-time route, they place you in CA firms as tax specialists for two 4-month terms.

    This is a good way to go straight into tax without first doing the accounting designations.

  3. CanadianBlondie says:

    Anyone can technically open a tax practice. That doesn’t mean you should trust them, though.

    As previously noted, local colleges and universities have tax courses. Many of these courses are even eligible for CGA/CMA/CA exemptions. Most universities have courses that are considered sufficient to qualify you to write CGA’s TX2 challenge exam. If you are specializing in tax, I’d recommend taking the course that qualifies as equivalent to CGA’s TX2 (Advanced Tax), at a minimum.

    That is of course assuming you are wanting to specialize in advanced tax matters, and aren’t planning on just doing routine, non complex returns.

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