You Tube Vidoe Spam link email circulation

I happened to get an email, in my hotmail saying

You have one unread personal message

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

There was You tube logo top of the message as a banner, and it seems to someone posted something (a video) for me or message as a reply to something……

I am really not clear……….

Anyone have any idea what’s going on….. I suspect it is a spam, but I do not know
really what it is…. I am not taking risk of opening such things…….
(my inbox had automatically blocked it , saying it is for safety… so obviously lolz)

Anyone got similar email?

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One Response to You Tube Vidoe Spam link email circulation

  1. Yes it is a spam, Do not click the link. That link is directing to Canada pharmacy or something. I also got it and I checked with You Tube. You tube also aware of it.

    Better inform all your friends as well as clicking on the link, may give access to your address book.

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