What will happen if get caught with Marijuana ?

Is it a provincial thing? I live in Canada and I’ve been told by friends that if you’re caught with 1/2 gram or less all the cops can do is take it away. I tried searching the Canadian government site but I didn’t get any clear answers. Does anyone know of any reliable sources about possessing marijuana in Canada? More specifically, NS, Canada?

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47 Responses to What will happen if get caught with Marijuana ?

  1. old lady says:

    If you’re interested in the application of drug laws in any part of Canada, esp. Nova Scotia, drop in to your neighborhood cop shop and ask. In fact, possession is illegal in Canada unless you have a doctor’s certification that you possess it for medical purposes –and those certificates are not easy to get — but even then there is a limit to how much you can possess.

  2. crazybethey says:

    All i know is that it is illegal and depends on your age, if you’re underaged you can go to juvi and if you’re an adult you can go to jail.
    I am from the maritimes too and i knew someone who went to juvi for possession and i know he didnt have much

  3. Miz Val says:

    Yes I believe the laws concerning possession are a provincial thing and you can get a fine for possession and not a real big one.That’s if it is a small enough amount to be deemed for personal use.But the best advise is to call your local cop shop and tell them you need the info for a project at school.lol.

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