Usual Shipping time from USA to Canada

I bought some clothes on E-bay on 17th and the sellers shipped it on 18th. However I don’t get it yet. How long does it usually take to ship from US to Canada? It’s past over 2 weeks. Isn’t it too long? How long does it take to ship from US to Canada?

He is sending my package using UPS regular delivery. I was expecting goods in around 5 days. Now I am concerned.

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51 Responses to Usual Shipping time from USA to Canada

  1. NWIP says:

    Depends on if they sent it regular 1st class mail, package mail media mail or priority. If they sent it media mail it can take quite awhile to get to you as it is the last to be sent anywhere. 1st class or priority will go faster but it still has to clear through customs and that can take a few days to over a week depending on when they receive it.

  2. pelican says:

    No, two weeks isn’t too long. It can take three to four weeks to clear customs. It doesn’t usually take that long, but it can.

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