Dealing with Canada revenue agency for Employee remittance

I must respond to a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency insisting that I did not pay the correct amount for the last quarter’s employee remittance. What is the best way to communicate to the Canada Revenue Agency in this situation?

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58 Responses to Dealing with Canada revenue agency for Employee remittance

  1. Vince C says:

    Talk to an accountant first. If you don’t have one, look it up. Most first meeting with accountant are free and you can discuss the problem with them. If you don’t like the answer they give you, go to another one.

  2. eddie says:

    Do you have the paperwork to prove otherwise? In my experience, that’s the only thing CRA wants. Don’t bother calling or emailing them; they don’t want your phone calls, explanations, or anything. If you have paperwork proving you did pay the correct amount, then send it in.

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