What was Canada’s role in stoping communism in Korea?

what did Canada do to stop communism in north Korea during the Korean war?
I am doing a history essay on Canadians in the Korean war and i need to know what Canada did to help stop the communism, anny indo would be great and maybe even websites i can look at, thanks!

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37 Responses to What was Canada’s role in stoping communism in Korea?

  1. Neil says:

    Chose a different topic. seriously.

  2. P.O.U.M. says:

    Canada, along with several other nations in the U.N., tried, but failed, to stop “communism” in Korea during the Police Action that is known as the Korean War.

    1. ‘Deadlock in Korea: Canadians at War, 1950-1953,’ Ted Barris

    2. ‘Triumph at Kapyong: Canada’s Pivotal Battle in Korea,’ Dan Bjarnason

    3.’ A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea,’ William Johnston

  3. RDDL says:

    Read the war diary of the PPCLI from 1950 to 1956.

  4. Douglas L says:

    Canada fought along side the USA and other nations to keep South Korea from falling to communism. About 400 Canadians got killed in this war.

  5. hongkongmob says:

    Like other people say choose another topic. It is clearly a bias and overuse topic

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