What are some major events right now, that are causing for people to immigrate to Canada?

Any specific wars, disagreements, or other situations in the world that cause people to immigrate to Canada? List as much as you can please! Thanks!

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33 Responses to What are some major events right now, that are causing for people to immigrate to Canada?

  1. Count de Money says:

    The reign of 0bama in the U.S. has certainly caused some citizens to flee to Canada.

  2. Wayne says:

    -Afghan Civil War
    -Sri Lankan Civil War
    -Belkan Wars
    -Terrorism operating from the Middle East
    -The recession
    -Fleeing from genocides taking place in Africa
    -Better lifestyles that can be found in places like Canada

  3. MSS says:

    Primary reason for EDUCATED immigrants to come here is;
    -economic reasons (an engineer in India earns 1/10 of what an engineer would earn in Canada)
    -social situations (let’s say you are gay in neoconservative USA, may be Canada is a good place to live)

    Refugee immigrants;
    -Wars in Africa and Asia
    -Bad economic and social problems in Europe (example is Poland or Roumania or Ukraine)
    -Afghanistan war (due to Canadian Army helps some refugees to file for immigration to Canada, we have seen a high number of Afghan refugees)

    Other reasons would be;
    -Education is much better in Canada compared to other countries
    -Laws and the legal system is much better here
    -Political system is also very stable
    -Room for the people… in other words, there are places in Canada you can afford a large land for less money compared to other countries in Europe.
    -Rights such as dual citizenship is allowed in Canada; in addition we have world wide program to protect Canadians. (example, during Tsunami, Canada evacuated many Canadian citizens from Asia)

    MOST important reason;
    terrorists can operate out of Canada hiding behind our multicultural laws. I am from South Asia and 90% of all South Asian refugee immigrants are terrorists, rapists and killers felling Asian police. Bad habits die hard and in Canada they traffic drugs, bomb Air India flights, kill Sri Lankan Buddhist monks, kill African leaders, etc, etc.

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