Legit online jobs for Canadians ?

is there any legit work at home jobs with no start up fees in NL, Canada?
I’m looking for a work at home job with no start up fees. I would like to do a data entry or administrative assistant job but would do any kind of job, if i could find one. I’m from Newfoundland, Canada. Are there any legit jobs?

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35 Responses to Legit online jobs for Canadians ?

  1. Great Scott says:

    there are no legit work at home jobs. this question gets posted 100 times a day.

  2. Eric says:

    Well I don’t know of many but there is a great GPT site that has a excellent referral system. The best you could do on these sites is try to refer a lot of people and have them do offers and get paid and you will get paid as well. if you refer 100 people and they earn $10.00 each (which is easy to do) you will get $300.00. The best thing for these sites is for EVERYONE to contribute so the ball keeps on rolling.

    Good luck

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