Distance from Canada to Australia?

I need help with math. Is Australia is far away from Canada? Because I wish that I would see Greg Page (Former Yellow Wiggle) performing but I don’t know if it’s too much to travel but it would be nice if Greg come to Canada then I won’t have any problem.

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  1. Oana says:

    the distance from Canada to Australia:
    9235 miles

    Vancouver, BC (YVR) to Melbourne (MEL)

    Shortest Flight Duration * 20 hours 15 mins * Via Los Angeles International Apt, Los Angeles (LAX)

    Toronto (Canada) to Australia

    This journey takes about 24 hours, in total flying time, and the flight is in 3 parts, Toronto to Vancouver, Vancouver to Japan, and Japan to Australia.

  2. Xhui On says:

    You would need more than 20 hours definitely so that would be like a day on the plane. Australia’s quite far from Canada and it depends on which part of Canada you’re leaving from and which part of Australia you’re travelling to. That, I think would affect you by either taking the night or day plane. Also, there is a huge time difference between Australia and Canada so its like if you leave Canada in the day, you would arrive at ++night in Australia when its actually still the day in Canada. Australia’s time zone is 10++ hours ahead of Canada

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