Decorative coverings for glass windows in Canada?

I’m moving into a basement apartment that doen’t have a very nice view from the windows. I’m trying to find something to cover the windows with that will allow light in but provide a scenic view from the inside such as a beach or forest (something similar to when you cover a bathroom window with frosted liner) It doesn’t matter if it’s adhesive, cling-on or screen. I’ve tried to find a Canadian website or store that sells this but can’t find any. I have seen some American sites that sell beautiful scenic window coverings but for a small basement the price would run too high for me to order anything. Can anyone suggest where in Canada I can find something like this? Thanks for any information provided.
I’m specifically looking for nature scenes(example a mountain range or lake),as if you were looking at the actual scene when you looked at the window.If I can’t find anything like that I may go with patterns and colored designs.Again,thanks for any and all responses.

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39 Responses to Decorative coverings for glass windows in Canada?

  1. william v says:

    Lowes has what you looking for. I did a floral pattern on some fixed glass on my back porch. People are constantly asking where I got my “stained glass”!! Cost me about $100 for 2 3foot by 6foot openings.

  2. Kate says:

    here is website, I’m sure they’ll ship to Canada.

  3. Educated Guesser says:

    Why not try some spray-on window-frosting? You can tape on piece of lace or screen or the like first and spray over it and remove to obscure the view but let the light in. Or you could hang beads–the sort that people use in doorways. You could shorten them to fit the window or leave them long to create the illusion of a longer window. If the view is of a wall, why not paint the wall and do a trompe l’oeil of a scene of your choice–flowers, trees, etc., or put some real potted plants out there to obscure the view?

  4. OZZIEGAL says:

    home hardware advertising this week a frosted window covering for reasonable price in various designs
    also rona’s has adhesive liners, [such as you mentioned for the bathroom], with at least a dozen different design choices, including stained glass, bubbles, geometric designs

    the spray on frosting is pretty good, but stinks to high heaven while you are spraying and you have to have a steady hand and eye in order to get the spray on evenly without any blotchy spots.

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