What marks are required for admission to top mechanical engineering progrmas in Canada?

Waterloo is generally considered the top engineering university in Canada but is U of T, McGill and Queens just as highly regarded. Also is an 87% average in grade 11 good enough to get into most of these universities.

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34 Responses to What marks are required for admission to top mechanical engineering progrmas in Canada?

  1. Mimi says:

    Waterloo, UT, McGill and Queen’s are the most highly regarded schools in the country. All Universities in Canada are very similar in standards. Any school you go to will be just as good. You should choose a school due to their programs and extracurricular activities instead.

    They only consider you Grade 12 marks. Your grade 11 marks are irrelevant.

    Waterloo: September 2006 admission was from the mid-80s.
    Queen’s: Min 78%. Minimum English grade of 70%

    Just go and look on the university websites.

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