What happens to property if no last will in Canada ?

I am asking this question on behalf of my friend. Her parents are over sixty year old and they are immigrants from a South African country. According to their culture and their born countries law they do not write last will and all the properties of the parents are shared between children.

Recently she shared this information with me and I told her that in Canada parents have to write their last will. If not the children will not get anything that their parents owned.

But I could not give her a convincing answer due to my lack of knowledge in this regard. I would be thankful if somebody can give me a detailed description of the law in this regard.

Please include the following information:
1. Importance of last will in Canada
2. How to write the last will in Canada

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  1. It is necessary to have a last will in Canada. Otherwise all the belongings that your parent owned will go to Government. If they are married , and one passes away the other get the rights.

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