What are cheaper products in Canada in comparison to Europe ?

what products are cheaper in canada compared to europe? I’m going there on holiday soon and i wanted to know whether clothes, make-up etc., especially big brands, were better value? I know they are in the US but cant find any info on canada.

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  1. bluebutterfly161985 says:

    In Canada, things will be alot cheaper for you coming from Europe. For 1.50 Euros it is $1.00 Canadian. Therefore, you will be saving alot of money by buying things over here. Also, big brands tend to be expensive, for instance, Calvin Klein jeans can be well over $100, so just be sure that you know where you are shopping and you try to find deals wherever you can go. Have a good holiday!

  2. isotope2007 says:

    I would say almost everything is cheaper in Canada, from coffee, pizza to most clothing and at present so is gas but thats probably changing before long.

    Google some of the stores like GAP The Garage – You didnt say where in Canada but I am sure othres can add some stores you might want to look at and see what prices are

  3. Dangermanmi6 says:

    when looking on the web for Canadian stores add .ca to the url for example walmart.ca will usually get you the Canadian stores web site. You have to know your prices because I have found that some things are WAY cheaper in the UK than they are in Canada and vice versa.

    I’ve listed some stores websites below for you the top on Canadian Tire is kind of like Homebase in the UK it sells lots of things for the home and garden they even sell tires.

  4. davem says:

    Compared to Europe I find things are mostly cheaper here. Hotels, restaurants…but also stuff in stores. My traveling in Europe has been very costly compared to here, so I think you’ll be mostly happy with prices here. But we have extremely high taxes on everything you buy so you’ll have to add that on.

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