Toronto to Boston – best driving route

I will be driving a uHaul truck from Toronto, On to Boston, MA and would love to know the best route to take. Some people have suggested going through Montreal while others have suggested going through Niagara Falls.

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10 Responses to Toronto to Boston – best driving route

  1. musiccrazy006 says:

    try MSN Driving and Directions.
    Good Luck

  2. Noah says:

    Stick to the highways.

  3. Asher S says:

    Mapquest recommends route past Niagra Falls. It’s not that much backtracking, and it’s all freeway/highway driving.

  4. old school says:

    Since you are driving a U-Haul, go through Niagara Falls and take the NYS thru way to the Mass Pike. It will cost more, but you will avoid the mountains of Vermont if you would go through Montreal. That would eat more gas.

  5. curious cook says:

    Take the Niagara Falls route. It is more enjoyable.

  6. Bizzy says:

    Don’t go THROUGH Boston, the Big-Dig is messed up again and traffic is going to be a night mare. If you are going to be just out side of Bos. and need to go in, just take the boat!

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