Money making web site ideas ..

I hope to be a full time online money maker. I already run few web sites and earning reasonable amount of money from various online money making methods.

I live in Canada and I am now searching for online money making methods. I also want to find out new ideas which will be useful for me to make new web sites. I wonder whether web masters have missed some areas with real requirement.

So please give me a list of online money making ideas and new web site ideas.

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  1. Money making ideas occur every day and probably often in your life. People come up with lucrative ideas in conversation or as a result of other, not so good ideas. There are a lot of differences, however, between making money and a money making idea. A money making idea won’t generate profit without ample follow through. An idea requires research and development, licensing, and production to ever make money. This article will briefly point you in the right direction towards making your money making ideas make money.First, a good idea will be original. Researching your idea will help you to ascertain if it has been done before. Don’t feel discouraged if you idea has been done before – many good businesses exist as simple improvements over previous ideas. Be clear on what competition your ideas face. Understanding your competition and similar ideas will help you to determine if your idea is marketable.Second, research is important to recognize the niche for your idea. An idea without a population to purchase it will never become a business. Research current trends in areas related to your idea. Recognize similar products. What is the need that drives people towards ideas like yours? Creating a product that fills a need or common desire will help you to market your idea.Development is the third step in fleshing out your ideas. Development looks different for different kinds of ideas. If your idea is for a tangible product, the development phase is the time for prototypes and trial runs. Making an example of your idea can help you to understand how it will look and work. Ideas that hinge on an information product should produce a book, article, or program that you can copy or repeat. As you are fleshing out your money making ideas, seeing them change from an idea in your head and becoming a product in your hand, you should begin to think about distribution. Will you need to make a large initial batch of your product, or should you outsource? Once you have enough products to begin selling, how will you get your product into customer’s hands? Careful marketing should target your intended audience and should explain how your product is different from other products currently available. Lastly, packaging your product to be memorable and encourage your customers to come back to you is a final step in your journey. Your packaging should reflect your product, and can actually serve as additional advertisement if it is creative enough. Once you begin shipping product to customers, your money making ideas have truly become a home business.

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