How to see who viewed your profile – Is it a virus ?

I got repetitive messages about a new Facebook application “How to see who viewed your Facebook profile”. It claims that we can know as to who visited our Facebook profile.(Who cares though).

Due to the rapidity of its spread I wonder whether it is a virus. I am very cautious about these Facebook applications and most of the time I am not suing it. I use only Facebook log in application as in this web site which does not do any harm and it is under the Facebook.

If you have any bad experience with other risky Facebook applications please leave a comment as well.

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One Response to How to see who viewed your profile – Is it a virus ?

  1. Yes it is a virus and it install a Java script in your Facebook url. Then it can do its propaganda through your profile.

    The other thing is that now it is being spread as an Event. Facebook is also aware of this and they have confirmed that there is no such a program still which can be used to view your profile visitors.

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