How can Federal election candidates can get votes from Asian Immigrants ?

Ok while I am asking you this question I ll try to share few of my views on this topic. I am also an Immigrant and i would like to share few vital points with all the candidates who would like to get some more votes from the Asian immigrants living in Canada.

I think the votes from immigrants may play a major part in establishing a stable government with majority. But unfortunately I do not see much enthusiasm among immigrants about the Canadian election. Specially when I talk with my friends who are living here I understand that they will not vote. They talk more about their home country politics or Cricket world cup more than the election here.

So I thought why immigrants do not have much interest about Canadian politics and what are the ways that politician can implement to get more votes from Immigrants.

Here are my thoughts.

1. Politicians should talk about immigrants issue :

I do not think Candidates specifically talking about the new immigrants issues. this may be due to the fact that recent immigrants not having voting rights unless they are citizens. On the other hand born Canadian will not favor people who are talking about immigrants issue while there are many other problems. But there are many immigrants with voting rights still contemplating. One major group is International medical Graduates who do not have any fairness in Canada while there is big demand for more doctors. An International medical graduate spends more than 5000 CAD to pass the exams and other related expenses, commitment and time are uncountable. but there are many thousands of physicians without a job even after getting the license.

2. Canvassing methods :

South Asian countries’ politician however match they are corrupted they are able to convince people to vote. I think the current canvassing methods implemented to educate the canadian public does not suite South Asians. It is unlikely for a South Asian to vote for a person who they have never seen. So I think they better organize some pocket meetings in small communities so that they can mark their presence.

I think if they have a meeting in a Car park of a major mall, they can have some audience and surely they will be able to convince few to vote.

For those who are contesting Mississauga riding, Woodbine mall car park would be an ideal place.

3. Be in the local news : Yes South Asian politician get free publicity from the media from mud slinging. yes try that …You will be in the local media and you will be identified by people like me. No no I did not mean it . But my advice is use the local media to get publicity by good means. May be a video advertisement spreading your message.

So if Canadaglory users who are Aisan like me have any other ideas , please share them here.

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