high school student traveling to Canada from USA

Traveling with a friend and her parents from the us. Would my high school id and a copy of my birth certificate from my home scanner/printer get me into and out of toronto,canada? I’d also need a quick note w/ signature from one of my parents, right? Traveling via car.

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  1. Amit P says:

    I don’t think that would be enough to cross the border.. after 9/11 the US Customs and Immigration has become very strict on who they let into the country.. they soon will require that all people trying to cross the Canada/US border to carry a valid passport with them..

  2. kadel says:

    Call the airlines. They told my husband an official birth certificate or an expired passport was Ok. Take the original birth certificate

  3. Frank says:

    I live in Maine and I travel to Canada for couple days at a time! I just have to show valid identification and have a clean record! If you have any felonies they will not let you through!

  4. mizzzzthang says:

    Please dear, take the time to get a passport…..They are so much easier that the hassle of a birth certificate at the border…..Have fun on your trip!!!!!!

  5. lewie8465 says:

    Photocopies are not accepted. You need original birth certificate. You need a picture ID, not sure if the high school will do. Call an airport for any questions. They would know for sure what you need.

  6. Michellee says:

    your flying? then proper id is a must (gov’t photo id and birth certificate). also a note from your parents although you may not need to show it. getting into canada isnt the problem its customs on your way back to the states.

  7. buckoe59ca says:

    At this time passports are not required for Americans visiting Canada, nor will they likely be required. The U.S. Government however sees things differently. While you will not need a passport to come into Canada, your Government will require you have one to go back home into the U.S. (Go figure). Just another one of Geo W’s knee jerk reactions to 9/11. But these new regulations do not come into effect until the end of 2006 for air travelers, and the end of 2007 for land border crossings. In the meantime all you need is valid ID ( Passport if you have one, or a birth certificate, or baptismal certificate. Picture ID such as a driver’s license or student card is also needed. So your high school ID (assuming it’s got your picture on it) along with your birth certificate will be sufficient. Note though the documents must be original. There is a good chance you won’t even be asked to produce it. Welcome to Canada. hope you have a great time.

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