Dress code for Convocations in Canada ?

I am asking this question on behalf of my sister. She graduated from university of WIndsor and her convocation is coming. Our family is attending and we are wondering what is the dres code for Female students and male students. I would also like to know as to how students family attending the convocation dress up. Is there a any particular dress code for Convocations in Canada.

if you know please comment about dress code for College convocations as well.

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One Response to Dress code for Convocations in Canada ?

  1. Kindgirlx says:

    Hey girl,
    First of all, Congrag to ya sisy. Finally she’s out and free. Normally in high school proms, guys wear tuxedos and girls wear long dresses or else elegant short dresses ith corsages on their wrists. Well it is the typical way of dressing for a high school prom. But dude, in varsity or colleges, you can wear anything decent. If U are the family of the student, of course dad and brother(s) can wear full black kit ( without a bow of course as it looks bit odd ah waiter boy…. lolz) or else nice black or dark navy colour pants with long sleeve dress shirt with a tie or without. If U are mum or sister(s), mum can go for a decent dress pant or short skirt with a elegant looking blouse or blouse with matching over coat. Add some simple jeweleries to go with it. Not too much. Nice wrist watch, matching earings and simple neklace would do the job.
    Ok lets go to our grad brat! If it is she, of course go for a typical black dress or dove white dress or else short and not too sexy dress. My personal opinion is, if U try to show too much skin, or else if U go for a pant and blouse…. not too good girl. That’s not right fashion in right place. Do not try to be a formal dressy one. Do not go for a prom dress which U will be dragging all the way to the large podium. Instead, U can select something short and nice…….. with not too much flowery or dark multi colour yet something wow ! looks pretty.
    If u are a guy, ye boy U can go for long sleeve formal dress shirt without a tie or bow, with nice moderate shiny black or dark blue pants. Make sure ur shirt and shoes matching ur pants. With black pants and shiny white shirt, do not wear white shoes… It looks gay. U can chose nice formal shiny ( make sure ur shoes are well polished and shinning….)… U can go for a nutral colour or striped shirt with nutral colours if u are a dark skinned one. If u are fair, no harm to go for a dark colour. But do not dress like a butcher…all shiny or extremely dark red or pink or orange….. That’s way too gay dude.
    If u chose to go for a short sleeve, instead mono-colour go for a striped (think striped) decent one….
    What U wear in such a occasion is important. When U attending to such functions, make sure u do not dress like u going to a night club or funeral. Do the right choice for right time and right place. Because u like to wear too sexy doesn’t mean u can wear it to anywhere, specially such occasions like uni or collage graduation. Give respect to ur school, ur self, ur teachers, of course to ya family. Ppl do judge u by looking at u. It may be not important to u, but at least be respectable and show ya pride as a graduate stud with some humbleness.

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