Bar industry job opportunities in Canada ?

I am in the bar industry and moving to Canada anyone know about the work force? I have looked on the internet for bartending or bar management jobs in Canada and dont find any. Does anyone know about the bar industry in Canada or anything about the work force.

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49 Responses to Bar industry job opportunities in Canada ?

  1. cinmoncandle says:

    i live in alberta canada, and i can tell you right now the the bar/ food and beverage iondustry is so badly in need of ppl its not even funny, come live ion calgary and you can have a job in a blink of and eye!!

  2. razzcal2u says:

    I live in Edmonton and there’s tons of jobs, this place is booming. Try classifieds. Good luck

  3. cbmaclean says:

    Alberta is all rosy and has lots of jobs, but you stillneed to be allowed to work legally there, like have a work visa or landed immigrant status….also, Alberta’s are rednecks and not too keen on certain races…perhaps with good cause…so check it all out…and good luck on finding affordable housing….very difficult..not all that glitters is gold!

  4. staff@ says:

    I am an independant job recruiter and employment consultant from Alberta.
    When were you planning on coming to Canada?
    Do you have proper documentation to do so?
    Send me a message if you were serious about relocating.I would love to be of assistance.
    Kyle D,

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