Where is the best place to learn belly dance in Toronto?

I’d learned arabic belly dance for a while before I came to Canada.I’d like to keep learning it here in Toronto.I’m desperately looking for it.

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77 Responses to Where is the best place to learn belly dance in Toronto?

  1. Joe K says:

    Big Helga’s Corner Club on Canadian Drive, it’s in the west side of town, but they teach you lot’s of “good” moves.

  2. enchantmentunlimited@prodigy.net says:

    I don’t know the Toronto area, but I can tell you it’s possible to learn to bellydance right at home. I know a live class is more fun, but a good instructional video or DVD can fill in until you find a class.

    Other places to look for classes: Your local university or Junior College, Community Centers, Women’s Centers and even many health clubs offer bellydance classes now.

    Is there a local Yahoo group for your area? Online will be the easiest way to find a teacher. Search for belly dance + your area, and see what comes up. The important thing is to keep putting it out there, and you’ll get hooked up.

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