What would be an ideal cojuntry to move to from Canada that has good values?

What are countries out there that have good values and someone from Canada can move to. To teach english.

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49 Responses to What would be an ideal cojuntry to move to from Canada that has good values?

  1. Matt says:

    Ireland has pretty good values, no abortion, but there are a lot of catholics

  2. Hugo says:

    If you want to teach English, look at the Pacific Rim countries. Canada has a government sponsored program for exactly what you want to do. Japan, Singapore and South Korea would be the safest countries depending upon what North Korea does. Regular street crime is almost nonexistent in those countries. China would be the most lucrative. Native speaking English teachers are in high demand over there

  3. Sidwell says:

    if you want to teach english you will need to have a TESL qualification.

    I agree with the pacific rim countries – South korea is always looking for english teachers.

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