What is the best mode of transportation from Toronto to Chicago or New York?

Going from Toronto to Chicago or New York, which of the following do you think is the best in terms of safety and environmental friendliness (carbon emissions)?
Bus (by Greyhound)
Rail (by Amtrak)
Air (by various airlines)
Assuming we don’t care about time and cost. I just want to hear some opinions as what people think about different ways to travel between cities.

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49 Responses to What is the best mode of transportation from Toronto to Chicago or New York?

  1. yellowstonedogs says:

    There is a growing realisation that climate change is a reality and not a myth.
    Air travel is now the fastest-growing contributor to global warming, and avoiding a flight when there are easy alternatives is probably the biggest single thing that any individual can do to cut their carbon footprint and limit their own impact on the environment.
    No wonder we are now looking for less environmentally-hostile ways to travel.

    Train travel is the cleanest for our environment.
    And it’s the most awesome mode of transport too!

  2. Ciaran C says:

    Air definitely.

  3. JonDough says:

    Amtrak would be the best for the environment. However, it will probably take about 300% longer than air travel would.

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