What are the requirements to enter University of Toronto from high school?

Tips to get accepted into University of Toronto? AND Is it true that the minimum of GPA to enter the dental school at U of T is 2.7 (4.0 scale)?

I found this information from U of T website.


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34 Responses to What are the requirements to enter University of Toronto from high school?

  1. Leafsfan29 says:

    UT is a very tough school to get into, as it has a incredibly solid reputation among Canadian universities.

    While the university has minimums, the actual cutoff to get in can be significantly higher depending on what your major is. For some majors, you would need a 3.5 or higher.

    It’s been 15 years since I went through the litany of dealing with college applications, but UT wants people who have done more than just study. They want well-rounded people from a diverse population.

    With that being said, I enjoyed my time there beyond words.

  2. Judy C says:

    U of T is indeed one of the most prestigious schools in Canada. I guess to answer your question it really depends on what you are studying. If you read 2.7 then that would likely be accurate. Best people to ask though would be a guidance counsellor.

    When I attended U of T I studied Math and Science and the requirement was 3.0.

    They do prefer well rounded people yes, but that doesn’t mean they do not accept people who are not part of the Yearbook club in their high school. When it comes down to it, your marks will get you in, plain and simple.

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