I Live in Canada and I want to buy a car in the US?

As I already said, I live in Canada, but I have heard it is cheaper to fly to the US, buy a car there and drive it back. But I am wondering what I have to do to bring it back to Canada? Do I have to pay taxes or registration at the border or what?

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  1. Charley S says:

    dont buy that car buy a car in canada you will save more monye and im sher you can live without that car

  2. fawdownagain says:

    It depends on if it is used or new. Contact a tax consultant, or your vehicle registration dept.

  3. JK says:

    Deals can be found on both sides of the border.

    However, if you bring the car from the U.S. into Canada, you will have to pay GST on the book value of the vehicle. This will be paid at the time of crossing the border. Also, you will pay PST when you register the car and get the plates. Also, if the vehicle is newer then 25 years, then you must convert the Speedometer to KM’s from Miles and you also must upgrade the emmissions sytems depending on the vehicle. (Cars built for the Canadian market are not the same, they are held to a higher standard of safety and emmissions). All the upgrades must be performed before registration (30 days).

    These are some of the headaches that you could encounter when trying to cross the border with a car.

  4. mrvadeboncoeur says:

    Rules from Transport Canada:

    Registrar of Imported Vehicles (contracted to Canada):

    Canadian Border Services Agency:

    Article on importing from canadiandriver.com:
    And a blog site on importing into Canada:

    Just be aware that not all US vehicles can be imported into Canada. Be sure that the vehicle is on the acceptable list. Even then, you have to get a certifercate stating that there are no outstanding recalls, and some manufacturers (like Honda) do not issue this certifercate so that their US cars do not flood/compete with the Canadian market. Some cars may still need some modification, such as adding daytime running lights (even if aftermarket).

    Then there’s the duty to pay, excise tax, provincial taxes, RIV fees…

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