How to become a politician in Canada/ Run a Political Office

I am from the United States. My name is Jose Gomez and am currently in my last year of high school. I will be going to McGill University and plan to become a lawyer. If offered a job in Canada I will stay and become a citizen. My plans are to become a lawyer and progress into politics…What are the qualifications for the different political office? From lowest to the top? Would I be welcomed by Canadians if they liked my ideas or would I be discriminated against for being a foreigner?

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  1. Tdot says:

    Typically, candidates need to be 18, a citizen, be legally eligible to run (ie not currently in jail, not prohibited by legislation). For municipal office, you also need to either reside or own property in the jurisdiction.

    I think you will find little discrimination if running for office.

    About half the residents of the city of Toronto were born outside of Canada. Mayor David Miller was born in the US. This has never been raised as an issue during his campaigns.

    The demographics in Parliament and the provincial legislatures however aren’t aligned with the population. This is primarily due to the candidates that the parties nominate (ie lawyers and business people), not a reluctance of the population to vote for a ‘foreigner.’

    On the federal level the ruling Conservatives recently ran an attack-ad campaign against the new Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff. Ignatieff is Canadian-born, but has spent nearly 35 years outside of Canada. The Conservatives take issue with this. Overall, this has had no impact on Ignatieff’s popularity.

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