How can I get abortion done in Canada?

I am asking this question on behalf of my wife. She is two months pregnant and at the moment we do not want to continue with the pregnancy. The main reason is that we are new here in Canada and we have not settled well.
I do have the Ontario health care insurance. But I do not know much about the rules and regulations for abortions in Canada.
We fear to discuss this issue with our family doctor as we still do not know much about the abortion law in Canada.
So please provide me some information about the law on abortion in Canada and how one can discontinue a pregnancy.

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One Response to How can I get abortion done in Canada?

  1. I can understand the situation that you are in. I think my answer will be helpful for you.
    In Canada there is no law for abortions. But that does not mean you do not have any solution. In Canada female has all the right about her body and she can decide and do whatever during the pregnancy. On the other hand fetus does not have any rights until born.
    If you need to get an abortion done you can talk to your family physician. Many doctors understand the problem and he will advise on the your pregnancy. Your family physician will explain the options that you have and benefits and risks of each option. Then you will be able to make a well informed decision.
    If you make the decision to terminate the pregnancy your family physician will refer you to a Gynecologist or Abortion center. Usually it is better to do the termination before twenty weeks of pregnancy.
    I think currently OHIP covers the cost of abortion. Good luck!

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