How can I get a Honda Civic Radio code in Canada ?

I recently bought a Honda Civic. it is a 2004 made and I had to change the battery recently. Now my radio player request a code and I am not aware as to how I can insert the code. I live closer in toronto and please help.

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  1. Canadaglory says:

    You can get a Honda Civic Radio code from any Honda car dealer. I think you must be having a dealer. I also had the same experience and I called few dealers and let me share my experience.
    1. They do not issue the radio code over the phone
    2. The real owner of the car has to go to the dealer with proofs of owning the car (Owners paper and picture ID)
    3. You need the VIN number of the vehicle and an identification number of the radio player. VIN number can be found on the vehicle and they know how to get the radio ID from the player. So we have very little to worry if we go in the same car.
    4. There is a charge involved. Some dealers asked for 100 $. But Midtown Honda charged only 10$. So If you live in toronto, the best place will be midtown honda.
    Hope this will help …

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