Between Vancouver and Toronto what is the best city to live in canada?

Between Vancouver and Toronto what is the best city to live in canada?

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37 Responses to Between Vancouver and Toronto what is the best city to live in canada?

  1. ryanz4 says:

    Vancouver is always ranked as one of the top 3 places in the world to live.

    Winters are MUCH milder in Vancouver. You usually don’t see much if any snow in the city of Vancouver. Toronto gets cold and snowy during the winter.
    During the summer Toronto usually gets a fair amount of hot *humid* days.

    Vancouver gets a lot of rain year round (mostly in the winter). Toronto gets a fair amount, however about half of what Vancouver gets.

    Air is cleaner in Vancouver.

    Vancouver’s real estate is extremely expensive.

    Vancouver is a very walkable/bikeable city, so you don’t need a car.

    I like both cities, however I’d avoid the suburbs of either of them.

  2. old lady says:

    Between Vancouver and Toronto? Winnipeg is about half way, and it’s a great place to live

  3. jimbobrae says:

    Vancouver has a lot better culture and is ranked as one of the best cities to live in in the world
    there are lots of jobs in the film industry as it is the hollywood of canada
    it rains alot there however is warmer than TO

    Toronto is the finacial hub of canada
    lots of corporate jobs
    close to the great lakes

  4. yep says:

    toronto is bigger but vancouver has better weather, water, mountains, and doesn’t have as bad of pollution as toronto ew!

    vancouver is growing and nightlife is slowing getting better and better.

    I choose vancouver

  5. ep1909 says:

    Vancouver see tourismvancouver and hellobc

  6. le coq géant says:

    I live in Vancouver, therefore I’d say Toronto. Although Vancouver has a milder climate and scenery which Toronto lacks, Toronto more than makes up for it in its cosmopolitan lifestyle. Vancouver is pretty and boring, Toronto is a big city with plenty to do! Plus in Toronto you are a lot more accessible to many more places.

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