Best way to find a bachelor room to rent in downtown Toronto?

I been searching Craigslist and all that is available on the internet, looking for a room to rent in downtown Toronto. I can’t find anything close to my workplace. What’s the best site or any other way to find a renter? Anyone has an idea?

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47 Responses to Best way to find a bachelor room to rent in downtown Toronto?

  1. Big River says:

    Yes. I have an idea for you. Check with George Brown College, Ryerson University or the U of T.
    All of them have student housing registries. (who says you may not be a student in the future?) Otherwise, walk around an area you like an look for signs. Good luck.

  2. flannelgirl says:

    Check the weekend classified section of the Toronto Star.

  3. The best solution will be to asking your colleagues at work place and get them to get information from their contacts. In my experience this is the best way to find a good room closer to your work place.

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