Where can I get drinks after hours in toronto?

My best friend is getting engaged. We were planning on going to a club the same night to celebrate. However we needed a spot where they stay open after hours atleast until 5 as well as serve drinks. It is a once in a while occasion and I am aware that last call in toronto is 2. Can anyone help me?

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53 Responses to Where can I get drinks after hours in toronto?

  1. Nano says:

    Stay home and party there. More fun and intimate. Not to mention safer.

  2. Spin says:

    China town – you can get beer served in a teapot and you get to drink it from fancy little cups. Much fun!

  3. North Etobian says:

    Can’t really help you there;
    but you might get help from the LCBO
    —they might be able to help in private parties, legally and otherwise.

    Best wishes.

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