Where can I find grapeseed oil in Toronto?

Hello, I live in Toronto, Ontario. Can you tell me where can I find GRAPESEED OIL at a reasonable price?
Thank you,
M. R.

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36 Responses to Where can I find grapeseed oil in Toronto?

  1. jypraps says:

    check out whole foods at hazelton place or natural food stores like ambrosia.

  2. blondiespam says:

    Any heath food store..

    On the danforth there is a place called Carrot something or other.

    Bloor west village has a few stores. Little Italy has a few and on Bloor street from East to West you should find plenty plenty

  3. David H says:

    I am a former chef and live in Toronto, “Blondies was refering to the Big Carrot on Danforth, if your going anywhere near Yorkville go to Whole Foods on Avenue Rd up near the Hojos Hotel, I buy mine either at Bruno’s on Avenue Rd and Wilson or Pusteris on Avenue Rd and Lawrence.

    I have seen it highend store like Loblaws, A&P stores, it is very light, has a high smoke point but is mildly pricey, about the same as good olive oil.

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