What credit cards in CANADA will I be approved for with a 529 credit rating?

I have paid almost everything off except for OSAP (of course it seems like eternity til that happens!)

I would like a credit card for emergencies and to re-establish my credit. Please help me find a credit card that is available in Canada!

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76 Responses to What credit cards in CANADA will I be approved for with a 529 credit rating?

  1. Jon H says:

    Home Trust has a secured visa

  2. Mugwug says:

    The other answers are right, with that credit score you’re not likely going to get approved for any conventional cards, and you’re likely stuck with a “secured” card to rebuild your credit.

    Capital one is likely your best bet. Other secured cards require 100% of your credit limit as security (ie. $500 deposit for a $500 limit), Capital One varies and some qualify for a $750 limit with a $75 deposit (10%). Capital One will also convert your card to a normal credit card after 6, 9 or 12 months of good payment history (increasing your credit limit etc).


    Next after Capital One I would recommend “Citizens Bank of Canada” for their secured Visa (this WILL require a 100% deposit), but as with the Capital One card they will convert it to a normal credit card (refunding your deposit) after 12 months of solid history.

    (Note, the secured card is not listed on their website, you have to call 1.888.708.7800 and tell them you are interested in their “Secured Visa”).

    Also out there are Horizon Plus and HomeTrust, both these cards require a 100% deposit and neither of them will ever convert to a “normal” credit card. They will only increase your limit if you increase your security deposit and the only way to get your security deposit refunded is to cancel the credit card (which is less than optimal when trying to rebuild your credit history).


    Hope this is a some help. Good luck!

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