What can teens in canada do about an abusive parent?

I have a friend who lives in canada who’s Mother abuses her both emotionally and physically. She obviously doesn’t deserve this but she feels really trapped. She needs her mother for college and such. What can she do so that she can get away from the mother but still go to school and be successful?

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48 Responses to What can teens in canada do about an abusive parent?

  1. jean n tha front row says:

    go to her guidance counselor and report the abuse, if that doesn’t work, call the police. tell her to apply for a college grant ok.(hope she’ll be okay)

  2. SBrosofAmerica says:

    call the cops

  3. Bradley245 says:

    If she is being abused, call the police. Another option is to call child services, who can definately solve the problem as well.

    University is way cheaper in Canada than the US. If she can avoid years of abuse for the cost of getting a student loan, it’s probably worth it.

  4. James says:

    She has a few options.

    1. Move in with her Dad or another relative

    2. Sit her mom down and convince her to go to counselling

    3. Report this to the police: This will complicate things, because once the mother is arrested, she will not be able to have any contact with her daughter for the duration of her bail, and likely for her probation period as well. Also the mother will see this as a “betrayal” and will punish your friend by kicking her out/disowning her. Abusers always love to play the victim

    Those are her 3 options.

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