What are the processing times for application Canada immigration as a skilled worker?

my boyfriend really wants to apply to immigrate to canada as a skilled worker and live with me, about how long would that take?
also! if he applies to temporarily work in canada, what exactly does temporary mean i mean are we talkin a year or..? thanks!

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34 Responses to What are the processing times for application Canada immigration as a skilled worker?

  1. Chimaera says:

    There really isn’t a standard waiting time, it can go anywhere from a few months to 6 years, from past experience.
    And if he plans on staying for an extended period, he can keep renewing his work permit. If he’s thinking of settling down, he can apply for PR(Permanent Residence), after which he can stay for an extended period.

  2. vinzsmith says:

    Depends where he is applying from?it takes from 1 year to 6 years again depending upon the location, yes he can get a work permit if he gets approved from HRDC.

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