What are good agencies for child/tween actors in the Toronto area?

I am 11 and I love acting, dancing and singing (mostly acting and singing). I take tons of classes and jump at any opportunity I can to perform.
I want a lot more experience before I try to get an agent but I still like to look at options. I live outside of Toronto and was wondering if I get an agent in Toronto is it a problem if I live kind of far away?

Any information would be great please don’t be rude.
Thanks in advance!

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28 Responses to What are good agencies for child/tween actors in the Toronto area?

  1. ms. lynn says:

    i dont live in toronto.. but i have advice?

    most places that come up to you are scams.. most places are scams period

    there usually isnt a good place to go? more like a good person to go to. dont EVER pay to join someplace its usually always a scam. if its legit they will only ask for a percentage.

    hope that helps!

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