How to obatin a Canada Cell phone number in advance from overseas?

Hi! I am currently living in Hong kong and planned to travel to Canada in mid/late June for job hunting.

I am wondering if a Canada Cell phone number can be obtained before I get there so I can put the # on my resume in advance.

That would even be greater if I could get that # and use it in Hong Kong (ie. Canadian employers can call me as if they are calling someone in Canada)

Many thanks in advance!

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30 Responses to How to obatin a Canada Cell phone number in advance from overseas?

  1. alfredo1967 says:

    Most of the time you have to visit the cell phone booth or store to get a cell phone number and they will ask you things like your address and your SIN number to make sure you are who you say you are.
    So, I guess the answer would be no. You have to live here to get a number.

    Cell phone billing is still expensive in Canada, the cheapest one is around 700 minutes for $45 but you still have to add taxes and any other “features” you might like.

    I usually pay around 60 month for my cell phone.

    Good luck

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