How long would it take to get to Toronto from Halifax Via Rail?

Hi, I’m planning on taking the train from Halifax to Toronto on Sunday to see my relatives. I already have my ticket and everything all I need to know is an estimate on how long the ride will be thank you for your help!

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48 Responses to How long would it take to get to Toronto from Halifax Via Rail?

  1. cowboy57 says:

    About 20 hours but the Via engineers went on strike today so all passenger service is shutdown across Canada

  2. Melissa E says:

    IF (a very big word for two letters!) they settle the strike in time;
    According to the schedule, train #15 will take 19 hrs 42 min to Montreal.
    Layover in Montreal for 1 hr 23 min.
    Then train #57 will take 5 hrs 44 min to Toronto.

    So you’re looking at about 27 hrs 49 min. Hope you’ve bought a sleeper ticket!

    For updates on the situation see: or call: 888 VIA-RAIL (888 842-7245)

    Bon chance!

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