How do window cleaners in Canada do their job during winter? Doesnt the water just freeze?

Have recently emigrated from England where ran a successful cleaning business. I want to start the same in Canada but understand I have the elements to deal with! Do window cleaners add anything to their water in order to be able to work more of the year (I understand that heavy winter is impractical) & is there anything to use in the hot weather to help the water in the sun? Any help would be much appreciated!

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51 Responses to How do window cleaners in Canada do their job during winter? Doesnt the water just freeze?

  1. nitebearer says:

    We have antifreeze windsheild washer fluid. That’s the fastest and easiest to start with. You can dilute it a bit as you would not be cleaning windows when it’s -30 degrees.

    Most companies add something to their wash fluid to help clean the glass and to reduce streaks, remove road grime.

    The water does not stay on the window for very long. Most squeegee it off pretty quick.

  2. PAUL A says:

    Glycol is the chemical that aeroplanes use to de-ice before takeoff. Do you trust that?
    It is also an ingredient used in w/w antifreeze.
    You can buy it bulk in 45 gal. drums to save $.
    There you are. Problem solved.
    Hot weather bug debris and other greasy grime is thwarted by adding another petroleum based fluid. There are many you can use, but vinegar is an inexpensive way to clean and avoid streaks. Beauty.
    You can always infiltrate a large window cleaning company and work for them while you learn other “secret” methods to gain optimal performance from the materials and techniques used.
    It doesn’t get any easier than that. You can do well in the trade, there is plenty of glass in Canada!!
    Good luck in your venture, and don’t forget to apply for a government grant to help get you started!!

  3. Charles C says:

    Alchol is often used as the antifreeze for window washing. Not in cars though as it can damage the paint.
    IOn summer a janitor supply will have several products, one containing glycerin provides lubrication for the squeegee to help prevent streaks.

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