How can one go to Canada, being a foreigner and lacking funds to attend?

I have a girlfriend from Mexico, who is living in Mexico, who is disgruntled with the education that they have there. She said she wanted to go to Canada to learn there, but doesn’t necessarily has the means to attend school there. I would like to know any option that she might take to be able to attend there, maybe obtain residency there so she doesn’t pay the hefty fees. I know that their are subsidized loans, but what about grants and scholarships? Any info would be great, thanks in advance.

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47 Responses to How can one go to Canada, being a foreigner and lacking funds to attend?

  1. Nicola A says:

    Check out an employment agency that specializes in oversees jobs. they might be able to help.

  2. thinkingtime says:

    Here is the information your friend needs. She should be aware that international students pay higher fees since they are not subsidised like Canadian students.

  3. Susan says:

    International students usually pay a few thousand dollars more than Canadian citizens for post-secondary school. In Ontario, the average university costs a Canadian $13,000, for an international student it would cost around $16 000. To not pay any fees she would have to become a citizen, and that could take a while! If she can’t pay for it then she won’t be able to go.
    She can’t get a loan from a Canadian bank seeing as she lives in Mexico and doesn’t “necessarily” have the means to pay for it. Especially now with the economic crisis, the banks are being stingy.

  4. helen2530 says:

    to become a resident she would need to be a skilled worker so that avenue is out,to study as an international student she must be able to pay the fees and support herself while in canada

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